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Are you a GLAM person?

Do you regularly drive up DunearnRoad past Sixth Avenue towards Methodist Girls’ School? If you do you will notice that the road divides into 2 parts with a railing-road-divider in between. You can drive on the ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ road. On the road divider there is a row of about 40 or so ‘glam’ trees. The trees are not impressive, being small and slender with small pointed leaves.

What is interesting is that there is a place known as Kampong Glam in the Arab Street / Beach Road area. Perhaps, long ago Kampong Glam had a lot of ‘Gelam’ trees. The Malay/Indonesian name for the gelam tree is ‘kayu putih’ or ‘white wood’ tree. The leaves are crushed and distilled to obtain ‘Oil of Kayu putih’ (similar to Oil of Eucalyptus).

You can buy this Oil of Kayu putih (Minyak kayu putih) from a stall at Ghim Moh market or from the Indonesian stores in Queenstown Shopping Centre. [If you want to know more about Kayu putih, consult our expert Shawn Lum.]

Incidentally, there is a very fine old specimen of this tree in the Botanic Gardens (one of the plants privileged to have the hexagonal HSBC plaque). The bark of this tree is made up of thin layers and hence its other name, ‘Paper-bark Tree’.

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