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Book excerpt: “My father loves horses”

We interrupt our regularly scheduled ReTRIeVIA articles from the year 2000, with this excerpt from the book “Horse-powered & Man-powered Transport: A philatelic excusion”
Cover - "Horse-powered & Man-powered Transport: A philatelic excusion"
Authors: Tan Wee Kiat, Koo Hong Piew, Noel Nidalgo Tan
ISBN: 9789810585303

Excerpt from pages 25 – 26 (text and images reproduced with permission).

On the topic of horses, here is a story about a school boy and his father. One day, a primary school teacher asked his class to talk about pets. The pupils took turns to talk about their pets. Most of them talked about dogs, cats, fishes and birds that their families kept as pets. When it was the last boy’s turn to speak he said, “My father loves horses”.

The teacher remarked, “Really? That’s interesting! Please tell us more.”
Page 25 - "Horse-powered & Man-powered Transport: A philatelic excusion"

The boy continued, “My father was born in the Year of the Horse. He likes to read books about horses and to see pictures of horses. The book that he likes to read most is about horses and the book’s author is Professor Jones.”

The teacher was very impressed and asked the boy to borrow the book and pictures and bring them the next day to show to the class.

This is what the boy brought the next day!
page 26 - "Horse-powered & Man-powered Transport: A philatelic excusion"
Do you have a Horse Calendar like the one above in your house?

Tan Wee Kiat


Written by Ivan Chew

27 September, 2007 at 12:31 am

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  1. Hi Mr Tan

    I like your stories and how you write them.

    I heard about your blog from my friend Rambling Librarian. Do encourage more of your friends to blog too. Being more senior than most bloggers, you have so much more to share with us in the blogosphere (which is dominated by youngsters).

    BTW, I like those horse racing calendars – my parents still insist on having one at home to see the corresponding lunar calendar.


    1 October, 2007 at 1:06 pm

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