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Swimming Incident No. 2

Another occasion in the pool I noticed a young lady trying to swim. You know we all start as ‘one-breath’ swimmers, i.e., we take a deep breath and swim as long as we can on that one lungful of air. The trick in swimming is to learn how to get the head and mouth above the water to exhale and then inhale. Anyway, I saw this young lady had difficulty doing that and so I offered to show her how to do so.

After demonstrating to her she practiced assiduously. When she stopped to rest, she told me she worked with Midlands Bank and said, “I guess, you have never heard of Midlands Bank”.

I told her that, on the contrary, I knew Midlands was one of the big banks from England. Needless to say, she was impressed and we chatted away like old friends. Half-an-hour later, I got out of the pool to shower and change. After doing so, I walked past the pool and saw this young lady was still practising.

I stopped by the poolside and said to her, “You are making very good progress”.

To my surprise, she took one look at me and quickly waded away to the other side of the pool.

I said to myself, “Strange! Just a few minutes ago we were in the pool chatting away like old friends. Now she treats me like a complete stranger!”

Suddenly, the realization hit me “She can’t recognise me when I have my clothes ON!”

Re-trievia recalled: Excerpts from Year 2000
Tan Wee Kiat


Written by Ivan Chew

27 September, 2007 at 11:37 pm

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