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Bull’s-eye and all that B-S

On one occasion I arranged a trip for NIE colleagues to Desaru and Kota Tinggi Water-fall. Early in the morning we drove from Singapore, in a 12-seater van, to Desaru. After swimming and lunch at Desaru, we took the road to Kota Tinggi Water-fall.

The road leading to the waterfall passes through villages, fruit orchards and rubber estates. You need to drive carefully as cows and goats are not very conversant with the Highway Code and pedestrian safety rules like “Look right; look left, and if you do not see any vehicles, cross the road quickly”.

The other reason you should drive carefully is to avoid all the big ‘presents’ that well-fed cows and bulls leave on the road.

That time of year happened to be the ‘duku’ fruit season. A ‘duku’ fuit is about the size of a ping-pong ball. The fruit hangs in bunches from the trees. We stopped at one orchard intending to buy the fruit but no one was at home. One of the colleagues (better to leave him unnamed) got a bit impatient. He took off his shoe and threw it at the branches. Of course, several ‘duku’ came down.

Encouraged by this bountiful result the rest of us applauded and shouted “Bull’s-eye! Bull’s-eye!”

He moved to another tree and repeated the performance; we clapped and shouted again “Bull’s-eye! Bull’s-eye”.

However, at the sixth attempt when he retrieved his shoe from the grass with one hand and looked at it, he clapped the other hand to his nose and mouth. Being conversant with body language, we all shouted, “Bulls-eye! Bull’s-eye! Bull-shit! Bull-shit!

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29 September, 2007 at 12:45 am

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