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Not-forbidden fruit -Tamarind

One day Prof Gopinathan showed me some string-like dried fruit a friend had given him. He said the fruit was new to him. The common name of this fruit is Tamarind (also known as Asamin Malay). The taste is sourish. The fruit is used to make the sour-gravy base for mee-siam and Chinese rojak. I think it also goes into the kuah-asam in Malay food such as ‘Asam-curry fish’.

You can buy the fruit in slabs in the wet market. The fruit is also used in drinks; a ‘Sour-plum and Tamarind’ canned drink costs 50-cents a can from the NTUC supermart.

The nearest Tamarind trees are in the Botanic Gardens, about 50 metres from the Students’ Canteen. There is also a row of Tamarind trees in Sime Road/Kheam Hock Road (Kheam Hock Road is the road opposite our Bukit Timah Campus main road entrance.)

If you want to see some very good specimens of Tamarind trees, go to Peach Garden Road (off Meyer Road in Katong).

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