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Got time to smell the flowers? (part 1)

If you look up at the trees on Bukit Timah campus, you will notice that one type has lots of little yellowish-white flowers. The tree is the Tembusu. In the Upper Quadrangle, outside Mannaseh-Meyer Block, there is a row of young Tembusu. On a quiet evening when the air is very still, you might get a whiff of its fragrance. In fact, its fragrance probably impressed the early botanists judging from its scientific name of ‘Fagraea fragans’.

Another tree on campus that has ‘flowers with a smell’ (what an awkward way of getting around the not-so-neutral phrase ‘smelly flowers’) is the Clove Tree.

This tree has recently become famous, or infamous, because of the book entitled ‘Kretek’. The clove is used in making the popular Indonesian cigarette known as Kretek.

You can see a Clove Tree in the area between the Library and Federal Building, near the Mango Tree and Henna bush. I don’t find the smell of cloves fragrant even though its scientific name is ‘Eugenia aromatica’.

When you are enjoying a bowl of BakKutTehsoup and you bite on something that looks like half an old black matchstick, that’s probably a dried clove. [Of course, it is also possible that it is half of an old match stick if the cook is a smoker!]

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Tan Wee Kiat

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6 October, 2007 at 5:58 am

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