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The ‘jungle’near NIE

Seriously, there is still some jungle here. If you take a stroll in the Botanic Gardens’ jungle, you can see tall trees, rattan, pandanus, etc.

If you have ‘rattan’ furniture and have wondered what kind of plant produced rattan, you can see it in the flesh. (You don’t really want to see it ‘in the flesh’ though; the rattan plant has very strong hooks/thorns.)

Also, if you have bought straw mats, handbags, baskets, etc from Malacca, Kuantan, etc., you may like to know these straws were cut from the leaves of the wild Pandanus, then bleached, coloured, and weaved.

Just next to the “jungle”, down by the Symphony Lake where musical concerts are staged, you can see the Rubber memorial. This marks the spot where Henry Ridley planted the first rubber seedlings in Southeast Asia in 1877. Rubber became one of the engines of growth in Southeast Asia with the advent of motor cars and World War 1 and is still an important contributor to the economy today.

You would expect that every Singaporean NIE student would have visited this spot at least once but, in fact, not all have done so. [Some staff members who have worked in NIE for many years have confessed that they, too, have never been to this historical spot!]

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Tan Wee Kiat

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8 October, 2007 at 5:09 am

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