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Dragon Kiln and Petrified Wood

Those folks who come to NTU by the Jalan Bahar entrance would have seen the two tall vases standing near the junction with Lorong Tawas. These two vases are an advertisement for Thow Kwang Pottery. Follow the little road where the vases stand and you will come to a full-fledged dragon kiln where the pottery is made.

Make a trip there; I am sure you will enjoy browsing around. Buy a couple of pieces as well. No, I do not have any shares in this company. The big vases may remind you of the story “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves” where the men were hidden in big jars.

Now where would you find petrified wood near NTU? Interestingly, Thow Kwang Pottery has also imported some petrified wood-logs. Such wood when polished looks like marble. I guess our geography colleagues will know the process of how the wood became petrified, i.e., turned to ‘stone’.

Most times when we come across the word ‘petrified’ in a story we associate it with ‘frightened’. I guess one can become so frightened that one can’t move (as if turned to stone or a statue).

Incidentally, when you visit the pottery you can also see 2 rooms of antique paintings and other things besides pottery. Outside, there is a fish pond where you can have a peaceful time enjoying the green surroundings.

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17 October, 2007 at 10:13 pm

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