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A famous tree in the NIE Triangle Plaza

The Tree of Learning stands in the NIE Triangle Plaza between the Science Block and the PE Block. In the lawn itself there is a tree with big broad leaves known as Breadfruit. The Malay name for the fruit is Sukun.

Why is it called Breadfruit?

This is the tree from the Pacific Islands that the early European adventurers described as the tree from which “bread itself is gathered as a fruit”. Being such a useful tree, the British in the 1780s wanted to transport seedlings from the Polynesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

The ship that became famous, or infamous, for this purpose was called the ‘Bounty’. Does that ring a bell? Do you remember the phrase “Mutiny on the Bounty” and the film based on it?

The stars in this film were Marlon Brando and a Polynesian actress.

Back to the fruit, it may be eaten baked, boiled, stewed or fried. It tastes like sweet potato without the sweetness. I guess a fair description of Bread fruit is that it tastes somewhere between ‘sweet potatoes’ and potatoes.

Talking about ‘potatoes’, do you remember a spelling mistake made by a former Vice-President of the USA?. Apparently, when he visited one school and looked at one child’s writing, he told the child that her spelling of ‘tomatoes’ was wrong and that it should be ‘tomatos’.

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Tan Wee Kiat

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