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When someone calls you, “Sir“

One lunch time, after I had finished eating at the Food Centre in Street 52, Jurong West, I decided to work off some calories with a bit of window-shopping.

I had hardly walked past the first shop when a neatly-dressed Indian man with a young boy called out to me, “Hello! Sir! How are you?”

Of course, if someone asks how you are, the reply is: “I am fine. Thank you. And how are you?”

[Self-thought: If he calls me ‘Sir’ he must be one of my old students.]

Indian man: I am okay, Sir. How come you are eating here in Jurong?

Yours truly: Oh. Our NIE has moved here to JurongNTU Campus.

Indian man: No more at Bukit Timah?

Yours truly: No more. By the way which year were you at Bukit Timah?

Indian man: I was there for 6 years, Sir.

[Self-thought: Strange! 6 years in NIE? Our BA/BSc programme doesn’t take that long. Poor fellow must have repeated two years of his studies.]

Yours truly: You were in NIE for 6 years?

Indian man: Yes Sir, 6 years. Ah! I see you forget, Sir. I was selling Roti Prata there in the canteen.

Yours truly: Yes, yes. [Trying to be diplomatic.] I remember your Roti Prata was very good. And is this young boy, your son?

Indian man: Not my son, Sir. My grandson!

Yours truly: Your grandson! You are a grandfather? How time flies.

Yes, time flies and we grow old. How nice to be remembered and recognised.

Re-trievia recalled: Excerpts from Year 2001
Tan Wee Kiat

Written by Ivan Chew

26 October, 2007 at 10:32 pm

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