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Money – a note about it

Now what was I going to say about money? Notes come in $1, $2,$5, $10, etc. but have you ever seen a three-dollar note. Bet you haven’t.

In fact, you are probably going to bet a cup of coffee that there is no such thing!

Well, there isa three-dollar note. It comes from Cook Islands. I will show it to you when I come and drink your coffee.
Cook Island bill

Why would anyone want a three-dollar note?

I don’t know why. Perhaps it is to make people say, “Incredible, isn’t it?“instead of, “Crazy, isn’t it?”
Re-trievia recalled: Excerpts from Year 2001
Tan Wee Kiat


Written by Ivan Chew

30 October, 2007 at 10:41 pm

Posted in Year 2001

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