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Tiger Woods in NTU!!!

You have not heard about this? Apologies, indeed. This Tiger Woods thing is an open secret. I did not want to publicise this earlier so as not to cause ‘pandamonium’.

If you look out from any high point in NIE (such as the Library) you will see that much of the surroundings around NTU campus, a stone’s throw from the Choa Chu Kang area, consists of woods and secondary forests. Not too long ago there were tigers roaming in the woods of ChoaChu Kang; hence, ‘Tiger Woods in NTU’.

You don’t believe it?

Well, take a look at the photo.
Last wild tiger killed in Choa Chu Kang Village, Singapore, circa 1930

See the sign saying, “Choa Chu Kang Village” in the photo and the big pussycat in the foreground? If you turn left at our Jalan Bahar exit and head towards Lim Chu Kang Road you will see a road sign with the words “Choa Chu Kang Village” on it.

[NOTE: Also see this entry about Tigers in Singapore, from the NLB Infopedia ~ Ivan]

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