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A girl named Regina

Among the 12 TP supervisees I have at the moment, one is named Regina.

When she first came to see me to discuss TP expectations, I asked her why she chose to call herself Regina. She replied that she liked the sound of the name. When I asked her to tell me the meaning of ‘Regina’ it drew a blank.

I explained that Regina means a reigning Queen, such as Queen Elizabeth the Second. I then told her the symbol “E II R” stood for “Elizabeth the Second, Regina”. (A king would be designated ‘Rex’ .)

By now you have probably guessed what I was driving at. I was trying to tell my student that she had a very high standard to live up to; to be as regal, majestic, gracious, generous, etc. as her name implies.

Incidentally, talking about kings and queens, this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Although she ascended the throne earlier, her official coronation took place on June 2nd, 1953. If you like reading nostalgic triviae about England in the Fifties, there is an article entitled “In the London of the new Queen” in the September 1953 issue of the National Geographic.

In 1953, Singapore was still a British colony. Also, back in 1953, there was no MRT, no Junior College, no Polytechnic, no TV, no HDB estate, no cineplex, no air-conditonedbuses, no computers, no mobile phones, …

Today, in Singapore we have everything but chewing gum! If you like to read about Singapore in the Sixties, there is an article entitled “Singapore, the reluctant nation” in the August 1966 issue of National Geographic.

Stamp collection - Queen Elizabeth II, 1953

Re-trievia recalled: Excerpts from Year 2002
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