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A fishy fellow: Mudskipper

The mudskipper is an unusual amphibious fish living in the mudflats of river estuaries and mangrove swamps. It is a somewhat comical looking fish (looks like a big ‘comma’), with the 2 bulbous eyes perched on its head, and has the ability to live above the water level at low tide. A convenient place to watch them would be the Sungei Buloh Nature Park, a 15-20 minute drive from NTU.

Our colleague, Dr Chew S.F. has co-authored, with Dr Y.K Ip of NUS, a very informative article on Mudskippers in a recent issue of the Singapore Scientist, a publication of the Singapore Science Centre (Issue No 93, Year 2001).

In the article it is mentioned that when the Mudskipper is on a mudflat, it moves forward by pulling both pectoral fins simultaneously and then pushing back. This movement reminds me of a person swinging forward on two crutches.

Of course, such a curious animal would have attracted the attention of other scientists. Many years ago the January 1972 issue of the
National Geographic published a Mudskipper article by Dr Ivan Polunin headlined, “Who says fish can’t climb trees?”

The photo is reproduced here.
NatGeo 1972 Mudskipper article

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