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Doggie story: A Golden Retriever named Joyce

A golden retrievia (oops, I mean retriever) is the kind of dog that makes you feel like a king. All its attention is focused on you. It will do whatever you want: sit patiently with you, walk briskly with you, or even swim leisurely with you. It loves human company and is miserable when left alone.

I had a golden retriever named Joyce for some years but gave it away to a half-way house, where there were always people around. In this half-way house, a young man named Andy kindly agreed to take care of Joyce.

When I came to see Andy a week after his taking over the dog I was happy to see that he and Joyce got on very well. Andy then asked whether he could give Joyce a new name. I told him that a new name might confuse the dog unless the new name was very similar to the old one. Andy looked very disappointed, thinking I had not agreed to his suggestion.

It was one of those Eureka moments when I said to Andy, “Look, Andy. You are happy to have Joyce. And Joyce is very happy that
you are looking after her. If you want a new name for Joyce, I know what it is. Instead of calling her ‘Joyce’ you can call her

Re-trievia recalled: Excerpts from Year 2002
Tan Wee Kiat

Written by Ivan Chew

4 December, 2007 at 10:38 pm

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