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A chicken and egg story

A very religious elderly lady, who read her Bible every morning, noon and night, sat herself down one evening to look at her long term financial needs. She decided that it would be prudent to cut down on some items of expenditure and also to earn some money making cakes as she was a good cook. As cake-making used a lot of fresh eggs, she thought one way to cut costs would be to keep some egg-laying chickens and get her own fresh eggs. Any extra eggs could be hatched into chicks.

Accordingly she went to Old MacDonald’s farm.

Old Lady: “Sir, I would like to buy 5 roosters and 5 hens”.

Mr MacDonald: “What for?”

Old Lady: “Sir, I need the 5 roosters and the 5 hens to produce fresh eggs for making cakes”.

Mr MacDonald: “Oh! In that case you do not need 5 roosters. All you need is one rooster”.

Old Lady: “No Sir. When I have 5 hens, I must have 5 roosters. You must understand —I am a Christian.”

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Tan Wee Kiat

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5 December, 2007 at 10:40 pm

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