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When Singapore was referred to as a ‘red dot’

When Indonesia was under President Habibie about 3 years back [Editor: In 1999], there was an instance when he got upset with Singapore and called Singapore a ‘red dot in a sea of green’ (or some other colour besides green; I can’t recall the exact colour).

I attach for your viewing pleasure a First Day Cover that shows this very clearly.You can see the red dot in the small circle. Note also the words saying, “National Day” and the date ‘3rd June’ and ‘State of Singapore’.
First Day Cover - Singapore 1960(?)

I think this ‘red-dot’ label should make Singaporeans realise that while Malaysia is a big neighbour, there is an even bigger neighbour and that is Indonesia. Just try this for size -the whole of Singapore’s population would maybe make up only about half of the population of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta!

And that is just the capital city! Compared to Singapore’s four-and-a-half million people, Malaysia has something like 20 million and
Indonesia has over 100 million! Not only in terms of population but in terms of land size too; as you can see, President Habibie’s analogy of ‘red dot’ is not too far off the mark!

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