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Children should be seen and not hurt

The Speak-Good-English-Movement reminds me of my grandson’s attempt to tell me a story about the use of ‘lah’in Singlish.

Grandson: Today, our Teacher told us not use the word ‘lah’ when we speak.

Grandpa: Really? What exactly did she say?

Grandson: She said, “Don’t use the word ‘lah’. Okay?”

Grandpa: Really? And what did you say?

Grandson: I said, “Okay, lah”.

This Singlishstory reminds me of the VIP (Very Important Passenger) who was on a plane flying from Singapore to London. Trying to be friendly, the VIP tried to initiate a conversation with the air-stewardess, ‘Singapore Girl’.

VIP: Do you enjoy flying all over the world?

Singapore Girl: So, so, lah.

VIP: And what did you do before your present job?

Singapore Girl: Study, lor!

VIP: Study law! And you gave that up to be a stewardess?

Singapore Girl: Why, cannot meh?

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