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Concord and Concorde

You may have read in the Straits Times recently that British Airlines will stop flying the Concorde plane on the London-New York route next month.

This is a great disappointment to aviation enthusiasts as the Concorde ushered in a great era in commercial air travel and British-French cooperation in the plane’s development. The Concorde could fly at twice the speed of sound and took less than 4 hours to fly from London to New York.

In the early years of the Concorde, it even flew the London-Singapore route. Here is a picture of the plane on our stamp and currency.

Retrievia Excerpts 2003-2004

A recent Aviation philatelic issue (September 2003) includes a stamp of the Concorde.

Incidentally, why did the British agree to the plane being called Concorde, with an ‘e’, instead of Concord which would have highlighted the cooperation and agreement (hence, concord) between Britain and France?

The story goes that the British agreed because the ‘e’ would stand for ‘England’. And what did the French say about the ‘e’? They said the ‘e’ in Concorde would stand for ‘Europe’.

Re-trievia recalled: Excerpts from Year 2003/ 2004
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