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Speed thrills, but kills

When I was driving home last week on the Kranji Expressway (KJE), I had an unusual experience. You probably know that Expressways here have a speed limit of 90kph (unlike the North-South Highway in Malaysia which has a 110-kph limit).

Back to my story, I was driving along steadily at 90 kph in the fast right-most lane on the KJE towards Bukit Timah. When I looked in my rear-view mirror, I could see a big black car gaining very fast on me. I immediately switched on my left-signal indicator and moved to the left (i.e., middle lane), leaving the right lane free for overtaking.

Incredibly, the motorist overtaking me swerved to the left and zoomed past me on my left! Fortunately, there were no cyclists/ drivers in the left lane; I dread to think of what could have happened.

In Singapore there are no places that are very far apart (our longest road, from Changi Airport to Tuas Causeway is, I think, a mere distance of around 50 km). Thus, exceeding the speed limit does not reduce travel time very much.

I wish I could communicate this idea to the speedster: It is better to be a bit late in this world than too early for the next!

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Tan Wee Kiat

Written by Ivan Chew

1 February, 2008 at 9:21 pm

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