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The ‘old guard’

When the term ‘old guard’ is used, one is reminded either of Chairman Mao’s old comrades or the PAP’s founding members. [The PAP ‘old guards’ who stood by Lee Kuan Yew are described in the book, “Lee’s Lieutenants”, a book edited by Lam Peng Er and Kelvin Y L Tan, 1999. For Chairman Mao’s old guards, read “Red Star over China”by Edgar Snow, published in 1968.]

In NIE we have our ‘old guards’ too, our colleagues who have given the best part of their lives to the organization. In the recent NIE long Service awards, you may recall that our colleague Mr Chan Weng Cheong received the 40-year award for his service to teacher-training. The 40 years stretch back to the 1960’s when technical education was in the forefront of Singapore’s priorities.

Over the years, our technical-training section became less important, becoming a Department, then a Unit, and currently a small part of our STE (Science & Technology Education) group.

A reminder of the importance of technical education in the period 1960’s to 1980’s is shown in a special stamp series issued in April 1981.

Retrievia Excerpts 2003-2004

One more bit of retrievia:
As Weng Cheong was the Head of the Woodwork Section, he was fondly and humorously referred to as ‘The Wooden Head’. [The humour is a bit more apparent when you translate the term into Chinese.]

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