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Mother’s Day

Since Mother’s Day sentiment is in the air, I can tell this story again. This is a story I tell my students when Mother’s Day is around the corner. The title of the story is “Jimmy and his dear old mother”.

Here it comes …

It is the first Monday morning after the long school holidays and, of course, Jimmy is very reluctant to get out of bed. His dear old mother comes and knocks on Jimmy’s door.

Mother: Hey, Jimmy. It’s already 6.00 am. Time to wake up and get ready for school.

Jimmy: Oh, Mother, I am so tired. Can I sleep another 15 minutes?

So dear old mother goes to the kitchen to make bread-toast and Milo. After 15 minutes she goes up the stairs and knocks very loudly on Jimmy’s door.

Mother: Hey, Jimmy. It’s 6.15 am now. Get up or you will be late for school.

Jimmy: Oh, Mother. I don’t feel like going to school. The teachers don’t like me and the students call me rude nicknames behindmy back.

Mother: But Jimmy, you must go to school. You don’t have a choice.

You are the school principal!

Re-trievia recalled: Excerpts from Year 2003/ 2004
Tan Wee Kiat


Written by Ivan Chew

13 February, 2008 at 9:57 pm

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