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Bullock carts were often used to transport water from wells in Ann Siang Hill to various parts
of old Chinatown. There is an area in Chinatown still known to the Chinese as ‘ 牛车水’
(‘Bullock Cart Water’, i.e., water transported by bullock cart).

The Malay name for this area is ‘Kreta Ayer’ which simply means ‘water cart’. The names of several
places in this area are prefixed with ‘Kreta Ayer’. The pictures show the names of the People’s
Theatre and the Community Club.

Notice how big a bullock cart wheel is? There is an amusing Chinese saying which is used to
describe a very stingy person, one who finds it difficult to take any coins and dollar-notes out
of his pocket.

Translated into English, it means: ‘His coins are bigger than bullock-cart wheels’.

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