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Ending Note

The transporting of goods and passengers by muscle-powered vehicles may
have been slow and laborious but it had its good points. For one thing, traffic
accidents were practically unheard of in the days of muscle-powered transport.

Granted, some injuries might have resulted from the rare occasions of sleepy
riders who fell off the bullock carts; or unwary horse-carriage drivers who were
kicked by agitated horses; or the careless rickshaw pullers who sprained their
ankles after stepping on a loose pebble. But that was about all and the injuries
were seldom fatal.

Granted, too, there would be a need to clean up the inevitable droppings of
horses and bullocks but such generous offerings could be put to good use as
fertiliser for growing and nourishing the plants in our Garden City.

Yes, with muscle-powered modes of transport, we can also put into practice
the wise Chinese advice for a safe journey when our guests take their leave:

‘慢慢走’ which literally means “Slow, slow, go”.

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22 March, 2008 at 10:00 am

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