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The earliest adventurer shown on Singapore stamps is Admiral Zheng He. He came from China to Southeast Asia in 1405. A hundred years after him came adventurers from European nations (Portugal, Spain, Holland, Britain and France) who wanted to get a share of the spices in Southeast Asia.

These European nations began to fight for control of the places involved in the Spice Trade. The port of Malacca on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia was conquered by the Portuguese in 1511.

The Dutch, having established their trading stations in Indonesia from around 1602, fought and defeated the Portuguese and ruled Malacca from 1641.

The British came to Southeast Asia much later. They set up trading stations in Bencoolen (Sumatra) in 1685, in Penang in 1786 and Singapore in 1819.

Stamp: Malaysia 1986 Dec

Stamp caption: Built in 1656 by the Dutch, the ‘Stadthuys’ in Malacca attracts hundreds of visitors daily

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