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Edwin John Tessensohn (1857-1926)

Born in Malacca in 1857, he moved to Singapore where he found work as a clerk. He worked his way up to become a comprador – a person engaged by foreign and local companies to act as a middleman in business transactions.

Edwin Tessensohn contributed to society in many ways. He is best known for his role as the first Eurasian representative to sit in the government’s Legislative Council, which had the power to pass laws for Singapore. He was also a founding member of the Catholic Club, which sought to provide aid and welfare to people of all ethnic groups.

In 1918, Tessensohn founded the Eurasian Literary Association. This association became a self-help group for the Eurasian community. It is now known simply as the Eurasian Association.

Tessensohn Road, near Race Course Road, is named after this pioneer.

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