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Mohammad Eunos bin Abdullah (1876-1934)

Going eastwards on the MRT system your train will pass through Eunos Station. Do you know that the Eunos Station was named after the pioneer, Mohammad Eunos bin Abdullah?

Eunos bin Abdullah was the Master Attendant of Singapore Harbour, a Justice of the Peace and editor of the Malay newspaper, Utusan Melayu. He pushed for better education and employment to improve the lives of the Malay people.

He was also keen to preserve Malay culture and customs. In 1927, he succeeded in getting from the British Government a grant of 670,000 square metres of land to develop a settlement for the Malay community. This settlement became known as Kampong Melayu or Kampong Eunos. The road Jalan Eunos runs through this area and Eunos MRT Train Station takes its name from this road.

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