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Can you remember a time when Singapore was ruled by a King? Many people can’t! However, our grandparents may recall a time when people in Singapore saluted the British flag (the Union Jack) and sang the British national anthem (God Save the King).

British Kings and Queens shown on Singapore stamps include Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Some words about numbers

What do the letters II, V, VI, VII after the names mean? They are Roman numerals, a way of writing numbers.

I – One
II – Two
III – Three
IV – Four
V – Five
VI – Six
VII – Seven
VIII – Eight
IX – Nine
X – Ten

Some kings and queens like to name themselves after their ancestors, so they add a Roman numeral after their names to show the difference. Thus, Queen Elizabeth II would be read as “Queen Elizabeth the Second” and Edward VII as “Edward the Seventh”.

Stamp: 2004 Aug

Stamp caption: Three small stamps of kings are within the large stamp


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