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King Edward VIII: The King who did not want to be King

King Edward VIII, born in 1894, succeeded King George V in January 1936 but he ruled for only 11 months. Why? Well, it was not because he died early. In fact, he lived to the ripe old age of 78. So why was he king for such a short period of time?

In the later part of 1936, King Edward VIII wished to be married to a lady named Bessie Wallis. However, Miss Wallis was a twice-divorced American lady. In those days there was a lot of stigma attached to being a divorced person. And while the king was very popular with his people, they would not accept Miss Wallis as a future queen.

Because of this conflict, King Edward VIII voluntarily gave up his throne at the end of 1936 and his younger brother Prince Albert ascended the throne as King George VI.

Edward married Miss Wallis in 1937 and they were given the titles of Duke and Duchess of Windsor. They lived in France and America most of the time. The Duke of Windsor died in 1972. After his death the Duchess lived a secluded life and died 14 years later in 1986.

Stamp: There are no Singapore stamps of King Edward VIII


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