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The British Surrender to the Japanese

The fall of Singapore to the Japanese was a great humiliation for the British people. On February 15, 1942 General Percival marched dejectedly up the road to the Old Ford Factory in Bukit Timah Road to surrender to General Yamashita.

General A E Percival (1887-1966)

Percival was a tall, lanky man with a small moustache. General Percival decided to surrender because supplies were running low and his troops had suffered many losses in battle.

In Fort Canning Park there is a road named after him.

General T Yamashita (1885-1946)

In contrast, General Yamashita was a stocky man, and very fierce. He managed to conquer the whole of the peninsula of Malaya (now known as West Malaysia) and Singapore within two months and was given the nickname, “Tiger of Malaya”.

Stamp: 1999 Dec

Stamp caption: Middle part of stamp (enlarged)

In the picture, Yamashita dictates terms of surrender to Percival (back to camera)


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