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End of “Singapore: Many Races, One People” Book

War, famine and hardship. Truly inspiring conditions for peace, abundance and comfort.

If you were to look at Singapore today, you’ll see a supercity throbbing as the heart of trade, transport, banking, tourism and communications in the region.

Which makes it hard to imagine that just over 50 years ago, this island was braving the ravages of the Second World War, until the Japanese Occupation ended in 1945 and the people were free.

As you can tell from these stamps, even while our forefathers cheered the formal surrender ceremony and victory celebrations, they also had to deal with food rationing, travel restrictions and other sufferings in the post-war years.

Moreover, after gaining independence from the Malayan Federation in 1965, the citizens had no choice but to spur on to transform the country into the amazing economic success it has become. Now you’ll find these achievements vividly displayed in an impressive range of stamps featuring everything from the modern city skyline to the advanced transport system. All bearing testimony to the good life modern Singaporeans enjoy.

Each of our stamps tells a story. And because the constant struggle for a better existence is the same the world over, you may just find a stamp that can speak volumes.


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6 November, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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