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Do you remember the time when you were young and collecting stamps?  I am sure we all share memories of this.  It is no coincidence that this interest coincides with our heightened curiosity about everything around us.

Some of us keep pets – small animals whose behaviour amuse us at the same time tell us something about nature.  Others might be engrossed with computer games; man-made things that enthrall us for hours on end.

But stamps are something special.  They show us many things, from the faces of kings and queens to exotic flora and ferns as well as memorable places, people and events.

In this book, you can see stamps depicting many important buildings around us – some of which you may have passed by, but have paid scant attention to.  As you look through the colourful stamps, you will also recognise some of these historical buildings and read their background stories.

Some show modern buildings which you may have already gone into for concerts or sport events.  In due time these too, will become part of our modern history, and will be considered to be preserved monuments.  As development of our city-state is ongoing, our environment will change but with the preservation of some of the important landmarks, they will serve as reminders of what they mean to us in our collective memories.

Enjoy the colourful images on the stamps and their interesting stories.

Happy reading !


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13 August, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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