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The Padang

After Sir Stamford Raffles discovered Singapore and decided to establish a British trading port on the island, he signed a treaty with the Malay ruler, Sultan Hussein.  This important treaty was signed under a tent in this spacious and prominent field known simply as the ‘Padang’ (meaning ‘field’ in Malay).  The stamp on the next page (top right) is an artists’ impression of the Padang from 1851.

The stamp on the left shows what the Padang was like in the old days a hundred years ago.  In the early 19th century, it was a popular meeting site for picnics, sports and informal gatherings.  Today, this field is also used for sports as well as National Day celebrations.

The stamp on the right shows a rugby game in progress in the foreground and the landmark buildings of City Hall and Supreme Court in the background.  The Padang is a popular venue for rugby and cricket.  Often, these games are organised by two clubs: the Singapore Cricket Club and the Singapore Recreation Club.  These clubs are located on the opposite sides of the Padang.


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