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Jinriksha Station

The Jinrikshaw Station building, completed in 1904, is another familiar landmark in Chinatown.  It is located at the junction of two big roads, Neil Road and Tanjong Pagar Road.

The jinrickshaw was a two-wheeled carriage which could seat two passengers.  It was pulled by a jinrikshaw-puller who often ran bare-footed through the streets.  The life of a jinriksha-puller was very difficult and many tried to escape their misery by smoking opium.  However, opium addiction would add to their misery instead.  The suicide rate among jinrikshaw-pullers was very high.  At its peak in 1919 there were 9,000 jinrikshaws and 20,000 pullers.  Today, there are no jinrikshaws in Singapore.  By the 1920s, they were gradually replaced by trishaws depicted in the stamp above (left) which are currently still in use.  The Jinrikshaw Station is now occupied by various restaurants and shops.


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