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Fort Canning Park

A landmark dating back to the 15th century is Fort Canning.  It was originally known as Forbidden Hill or Bukit Larangan.  This highland used to be the home of the early Malay royalty, before the coming of the European powers.

This hill was part of the first  botanical gardens established by Raffles in Singapore.  The Botanic Gardens lasted from 1822 to 1829 before it was abandoned.  In 1859, the hill was renamed Fort Canning in honour of Lord Canning, the first Viceroy of India.

A military complex built on the hill in the 1920s served as the headquarters of the British Forces for many years.  The first Christian cemetery in Singapore was also located up on Fort Canning.  Today, you can still see the old tombstones embedded along the walls of Fort Canning.  The gateway featured in this stamp leads into the cemetery and was designed by George Dromgold Coleman.  Fort Canning is no longer a military installation and is now a popular public park.  The fruit shown in the stamp is the Nutmeg.


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