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Horsburgh Lighthouse

Lighthouses play an important part in the safe passage of ships through rocky waters.  Singapore has several lighthouses built for this purpose and three of them were featured on stamps in 1982.

Horsburgh Lighthouse, built in 1851, is located about 65 km south-east of Singapore.  The lighthouse stands on a rocky outcrop, known as Pedra Branca, in the South China Sea.

Malaysia has in recent years claimed sovereignty over Pedra Branca.  Both Singapore and Malaysia submitted their case to a third party, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in 2003.

Raffles Lighthouse

Raffles Lighthouse, built in 1855, is located about 20 kilometres south of Singapore.  The small island on which Raffles Lighthouse stands is known as Pulau Satumu.

An additional feature on Pulau Satumu is a 40-metre signalling tower which warns other ships when a super oil-tanker (a very large ship) is in the vicinity.  These super oil-tankers are very big and need a few kilometres of space to come to a complete stop.  Incidentally, the numerous oil-tankers bring in a lot of crude oil for refining.  Singapore may be small but it has become one of the world’s largest oil-refining centres.

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